• - 2016

  • - Canola

  • - May 18th, 2016

  • - 125-35-0-15

  • - 4


  • Yield of the two treatments are not significantly different

Yield Data (bu/ac)

CTF 57.1
Random 55.5

p-value = 0.01 LSD = 0.7 CV = 1.02

Economic Analysis

CTF Random
Yield (bu/ac) 57.1 55.5
Price ($/bu) $11.00 $11.00
Treatment Cost ($/ac) No Cost No Cost
Gross Revenue ($/ac) $628.10 $610.10
Net Difference ($/ac) $17.60


Well we finally saw a statistically significant response in this CTF trial! Recall that last year at this site we were close, there appeared to be a small response in Oats; this year there was no doubt. The response is small, but meaningful as it shows that on this Newdale soil, traffic imposed before the seeding operation can have an effect on yield. Much of the traffic was applied in the fall prior to freeze-up, so it did undergo some freeze thaw cycles and a high-disturbance seeding operation. One other thing to consider is that we are measuring the impact of 55% of the area trafficked, so for those that traffic their entire field area every couple of years, this number might be higher. We also saw some interesting results when we measured infiltration rates and bulk density in this field and neighboring random traffic fields; we will share this data once we have it available.