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Agritruth emerged out of a passion for agronomy and what we sensed was a real need for unbiased agronomic data that is current and responsive to the needs of producers. We as producers are subjected to volumes of data on an annual basis created to sell products to us that all claim to put money in our pockets. Our hope for members is that our data will enable them to sort out what products and practices work and don’t work. While being far from comprehensive when one considers the myriad of agronomic products and practices out there, we are confident that the testing we are doing is relevant, robust, and of value to a wide range of producers in the Northern Great Plains region.

Now with our on-farm research tool, you can properly test with ease different ideas you have for your farm. You can even share the results with others if you like. We hope you find our data and tool useful in advancing your farm practices and we look forward to working with you to answer agronomic questions you might have