• - 2014

  • - Wheat

  • - May 15th, 2014

  • - 100-25-0-0

  • - 4

Yield Dat(bu/ac)

CTF 89.0
Random 87.8

p-value = 0.26 LSD = 1.89

Economic Analysis

CTF Random
Yield (bu/ac) 89.0 87.8
Price ($/bu) $6.00 $6.00
Treatment Cost ($/ac) No Cost No Cost
Gross Revenue ($/ac) $534.00 $534.00
Net Difference ($/ac) No Difference No Difference


Our mortality rates were a little higher in 2013 and our seed was larger, which left us with lower plant counts than the first year of our trial.  In 2013 the lower seeding rate of 2.5 lbs/ac only produced 4.4 plants/ft².  Yields at this rate were still impressive at around 60 bu/ac, but we did not achieve Maximum Economic Yield at 2.5 lbs/ac in 2013, instead we did at 4.0 lbs/ac or 6 plants/ft².  As was the case in 2012, we ended up with more second flush weeds in the lower seeding rate treatments; the weeds consisted of wild buckwheat, redroot pigweed and cleavers.  Dockage for the three seeding rates were 2.3% (2.5 lbs/ac), 1.5% (4.0 lbs/ac) and 1.2% (5.5 lbs/ac), with the differences being a result of more weed seeds in our sample at the lower seeding rates.  In our opinion, all three treatments should have received a second application of Liberty.